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Russian-English Fonts

You need to use "Code Page 1251" Windows-compatible Russian-English fonts as your default Web-browser's fonts in order to use my Web site. If you're running Windows95, you already have them and just need to install them: go to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, select the Windows Setup tab, scroll down to and place a check by Multilanguage Support. (If you want to, you can also click on Keyboard in the Control Panel and install a Russian keyboard.) Then select New Times Roman in your Web browser's options as your proportional font, and select "Cyrillic" in the Script box. If that doesn't work, try setting Document Encoding under Options to Cyrillic 1251. Done? Now you should be able to read Russian and English at the same time in your Web browser.
Then click HERE and see if my home page appears in Russian.

If you have Windows 3.x but don't have any CP1251 Russian-English fonts, click download Russ-Eng fonts. Unzip them (you need PKUNZIP or a similar program to do this), then install them in MS-Windows and in your Web browser (see above paragraph).
Then click HERE and see if my home page appears in Russian.

Click RUSSIFY to get Russian fonts for Unix or Mac, get Winkey (only necessary for Windows 3.x) to install a Russian keyboard, get a program that will convert Russian alternative ASCII or KOI8 to CP1251, etc. Read the instructions at that Web site.

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